Guillermo Stabile was an Argentinean football player, born on 01/17/1906. He took his seat amongst the greatest players of History by hitting the impressive mark of eight goals in the four matches he played in the first Football World Cup, which took place in Uruguay, 1930. (This made him the top scorer of that competition). More than that, in the match against the Mexicans, Stabile became the first player to score three goals in a single World Cup match.

Surprisingly, Stabile started the competition as a substitute: he watched his teamates beat the French over in a stiff 1-0 lead (Luis Monti scored at 81'). In Argentina's second game, against Mexico, Guillermo Stabile started to show the habilities that eventually gave him the alias of 'El Filtrador' (something like 'The one who infiltrates himself', though not literally). He scored three times: at 08', 17' and at 80', leading the Argentineans to a 6-3 victory. With two goals in his team's success against Chile (3-1), two more in the semifinal against the U.S.A (6-1) and one more in Argentina's defeat to the hosting team, Uruguay (2-4) in the final match, Guillermo Stabile completed his World Cup participation as a player.

After the 1930 World Cup, Stabile played for Genoa and Napoli local teams, before closing his career at the Paris' Red Stars.

As a coach, he managed Argentina's nacional team from 1941 to 1958, seizing the South America Cup in 1957, with a squad that is said to be one of the best Argentina's nacional teams of all time.

Guillermo Stabile died on 12/21/1966, at the age of 60.

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