Perhaps one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. It is nestled among lush green hills and mountains which, millions of years ago, used to be under the ocean, so they are unusually shaped - like a child's drawing.

A river flows through the city, and phoenix bamboo plants shoot their unusual feathery foilage upwards and inwards toward the river, framing the edge of the water. Many of the hills are terraced to grow rice and wheat. The area is almost always misty, and the mist winds its way through the hills and mountains.

Food is inexpensive and delicious.

Gentle water buffalo are a common sight in this area, as are the flat small boats which are used for fishing. Monkeys hang out in the park and are easily seen.

Unfortunately, the poverty in the countryside is crushing. If you give any money to the country folk, you will soon be surrounded by a mob.

Our guide told us that Richard Nixon once visited Guilin and proclaimed it the most wonderful city he had ever visited. Seeing photos of the area will give you some idea of the incredible natural beauty, but I encourage you to visit the city soon to experience the area firsthand.

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