A inexpensive hard liquor made of sugar cane and native to Costa Rica.

It's pale, smells like a cross between rubbing alcohol and vodka and tastes like a kind, mellow tequila, although the hangovers caused by guaro are are up there in the scale of post-drinking pain. Why would anyone drink it? Well, it is the national liquor of Costa Rica, so it's valuable to explore other cultures. The fact that a liter goes for around a dollar might have something to do with it too. Guaro mixes well with sodas, juices and Café Rica, the local coffee liquor. It's an unique taste, straight or mixed.

Guaro provides a bond between fellow visitors of Costa Rica - when drinkers shoot the shit, one can always tell who's visited the Ticas by mentioning guaro and seeing the eyes light up at the mention of this tasty, ubiquitious and cheap drink.

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