A technique created, used, and abused by Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tournament players, such as current champion Justin Wong. It's known that after snapping back (attack which forces a character to "tag out") or killing off the opposing player, the opponent's next teammate will fall into play from the opposite side of the screen. Advanced players will take advantage of this by jump-attacking the incoming opponent just as they start to fall into play. Call the person guard breaking Player A, and the person falling Player B.

Player B is pretty much forced to block this pre-emptive attack as they fall. Now, the laws of MvC2 gameplay only allow characters to perform ONE action during a normal jump, whether it's blocking an attack, attacking, or performing a special move. "Falling into play" has the same properties. So after Player B blocks the attack, Player A now has a moment to wail away with whatever is fast enough to hit B before B lands and recovers.

Scrubs simply can't stand tactics such as this.

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