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I'm 16, go to Terra Linda High School, the refer to most of the kids in my school as "airheads". Nah, just kidding--only 75% of them are.I play the violin for six years now, and get decent grades in school (4.0 last report card w00t), and belong to, yes, the Chess Club. Now you can definitely tell I have some problems fitting in.

I am, more or less, a geek who doesn't want to be a geek. I wear glasses, but want contacts. I sit at home on the computer a lot, but run track and field/cross country (and have a 5:11 mile time) to mix things up. I like anime, but have very little knowledge about it, and am content with not knowing much else (or I might become a rambling otaku guy who makes -_- faces x_x).

I'm atheist, but don't hold anything against religious people at all (maybe the televangelist types, though). I feel that religion is something people look to when they want help with their lives (or want to listen to crappy Christian rock), which is fine...but I don't really feel like I need security yet. It seems like something to carry along with you when you're a little older. Spiritualism, however, is something I have a much better tolerance for.

Music genres I like the most are electronica (generally trance, jungle, and trip-hop), alternative rock, classical, and jazz (modern or early, it doesn't matter much). I'm pretty open to most styles of music, otherwise, except I can't stand crappy pop that dies off after a few months. And while rap with actual lyrical content is cool with me--Jurassic 5 and Del Tha Funky Homosapien--I've never been into rap or hip-hop either, since too much of it sounds the same "angry black guys shouting at each other."

Hm, what else? My favorite video game has always been Chrono Trigger for many reasons (graphics, plot, most fun out of an RPG I've ever had), but Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has become something of an obsession (and it contains info I feel needs to be noded about here). I practice it whenever I get the chance at the arcade, which, according to a recent health study, will turn me into a 20something year old fat guy with a goatee who smells bad (fortunately, cross country should balance the "fat" part). I love the game because it requires strategy, reflex, timing, and split- second thinking, which is what games were meant to emphasize. Plus, if you get good enough, you can play for a long time and barely spend anything (I only spend around .50 to 1.00 an hour now). In general, I love Street Fighter in the arcades for two reasons--the thrill of the competition, and the fact that you actually have a chance of winning against the computer. Side note: Dance Dance Revolution is now the game I've been practicing and trying to get to a top-level at. Don't laugh. :)

I've been online for three years now, and have run another web site, The Midgar Swamp, for two. I've hung out in communities centered on RPG Humor/Satire, wrestling, Street Fighter, and now...nothing, since I'm usually busy. I've experimented with plenty of things to do online: Fanfics, FAQs, IAQs, reviewing games, writing opinion columns, e-wrestling, online roleplaying, MIDI composing, and even Fire Pro Wrestling animation--most of which aren't much, since I haven't had the inspiration to build and improve on them.

Favorite word would have to be "pants."