A is for Andrew, who fell down the stairs.
B is for Bertha, who lost all her hair.
C is for Christi and D is for Dot;
Two little girls who up and got shot.
E is for Erin, who smoked since he was five.
F is for Flora, who took a bad dive.
G is for Gary, who fell through the floor.
H is for Harold, who's with us no more.
I is for Iris, who once drove a car.
J is for Jenny, who Iris hit very hard.
K is for Kevin, who last said, "What's this?"
L is for Lisa, who stepped into an abyss.
M is for Michael, who took a long walk.
N is for Nellie, who simply won't talk.
O is for Ophelia, who slept in a creek.
P is for Paula, who joins Ophie next week.
Q is for Quincy, who lost both is legs.
R is for Rita, who was stuffed in a keg.
S is for Stephen, who thought he was sly.
T is for Tessa, who thought she could fly.
U is for Ursula, who took a turn for the worse.
V is for Vinnie, whose last ride was a hearse.
W is for Wilhemena, who lost all her blood.
X is for Xander, who drowned in a flood.
Y is for Yancy, who thought knives were real neat.
Z is for Zachary, whom I pray you never meet.

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