According to the prospectus,

Grey College opened in 1959 ... It is named after the second Earl Grey who ... pasesed the Act of Parliment which founded the University in 1832. The College coat of arms features a scaling ladder, or 'gre' which is the badge of the Grey family.
What they don't tell you is that in March 1959, the place burnt down. However, they managed to rebuild it ready for that October when the new undergrads came, coming back like a phoenix from the flames. So the unofficial mascot of Grey College is the Phoenix.

Fortunately, Grey College was built just before the 1960's, meaning that whilst the place isn't the nicest architecturally, at least it isn't made out of two hundred towering feet of crumbling wet concrete.

The view from the right-hand side of the breakfast hall is beautiful. Residing above the city, out of a large window you can see the entire city with the cathedral piercing the sunrise. Which is quite nice to see when you're still trying to get over the night before.

Being at the top of a hill is both good and bad. Bad, as in that it's a long way back from town. Good, as in you only have to roll out of bed to get to the Science Department and libraries. 'Course, if you're planning on doing something else like philosophy, you've got an awful long way to roll...

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