Greta Gaines became the first Women's Extreme Snowboard Champion in Valdez, Alaska in 1992. Her singing career started that same year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming playing to drunken cowboys, locals and lonely dog mushers. Her 2 passions, music and snowboarding collided in Austin, TX at the first MTV Sports and Music Festival where she co-hosted the men's and women's Big Air Snowboard Competition with MTV VJ, Kennedy and Wu Tang Clan's, Method Man. Her song, "Mikey Likes It" was played throughout the broadcast.

Greta Gaines' self-titled debut album was released in July of 1999 on her own label, Big Air Records. It has been described as alternative rock and roll with some southern flair. There are musical contributions on the LP from pedal steel virtuoso Bucky Baxter from Bob Dylan Band, banjo from "Hee-haw's" Roni Stoneman, piano and loops courtesy of Moe Z, and drums from Kenny Aronoff.

Greta is a songwriter's songwriter which is why she was asked on this year's Lilith Fair to sing with Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan during their shows and why she was personally chosen by Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos through to open the first 5 dates of their 5 1/2 weeks tour. She also completed the first leg of the College and Technology tour with Tonic and the Goo Goo Dolls.

The Internet has proven a viable way for Greta to showcase and sell her music. Out of more than 100,000 songs at, hers have remained in the top ten in her genre, and in the site-comprehensive top 40, resulting in over 17,000 song downloads in only 3 months. Greta appears in a Music & Technology focused VH1 "Behind the Music," due in part to the great success she has had with showcasing her music via the internet.

Greta has appeared in countless newspapers and magazines including Harper's Bazaar, USA Today and Women's Sports and Fitness. Recent features about Greta of special note, are the September 22, 1999 New York Times article on the internet and music, the October issue of Sports Afield Magazine and the November issue of National Geographic Adventure Magazine. Greta appeared in the feature film, "One Night Stand" directed by Mike Figgis ("Leaving Las Vegas"). Her music can be heard in this film as well as in the films, "Angela" and "Day at the Beach."

She owns the Wild Women Snowboard Camp, which operates snowboarding camps for women around the USA and is a sponsored rider for K2 Snowboards. Gibson Guitars has a new Greta Gaines signature guitar they presented to her in June 1999.

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Tracks On Her Self Titled Debut Album: Links Go To Lyrics

2.Cool Hand Luke
3.Oregon Summer
5.Full Blown Rose
6.Best of Me
9.Purple Jesus
10.Just Like You
11.Mikey Likes It
12.Cold July

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