Grendel's Cave is a great online game that was very popular at my high school. It was out of service for several years, but we recently discovered that it is back online at It is a bit slow, but very entertaining. You attack magical creatures and when you kill them, you get their possessions, if you are strong enough and have enough open carriage places. You also collect their "rings" which is the money they carry. However, they can kill you as well. And when you die, the game restarts and says something about how you "just woke up from a dream" and then tells the story of the death. You wake up in Hrothgar's Castle, Herot Hall and take a penalty in your characteristics. This game was created by Beowulf. Supposedly, Beowulf is working on creating a newer version, and just put the legacy version up for all of us who were GC deprived.

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