Greg Smith is a 12 year old Randolph-Macon College student who is said to be the smartest person in the world. He is smart, but what is so impressive about this kid is his attitude. He sees the evils in our world and decides to formulate pragmatic plans for fixing said evils. He works for peace and to protect children. This while playing in a tree house, carrying a full credit load, and enjoying Raffi. This kid says after he gets his third PhD he wants to be president and that one of the first things he will work toward is to double teacher's salaries. I can only say, he's got my vote.

When I approach a door and find that it is locked or being slammed in my face, I do not stand there and pound upon it. I step back and examine the hinges, evaluate the frame, and measure the keyhole. There is no door that is locked forever; however, it is up to us to find the portal of entry.

There are several choices: 
1. Knock it down 
2. Bang on it until they surrender begrudgingly 
3. Beg, cry, and plead for someone to help 
4. Sit and wait for the day the door opens 
5. Go build another door and leave it open for others to enter 
I choose to build another door so all may enter! 
(Greg Smith - December 1999)
references The Oprah Show and

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