A super-hero created by E. Nelson Bridwell and Ramona Fradon for DC Comics and first appeared in Super Friends #25.

Beatriz da Costa is the real name of the hero Green Flame. The character has had two origins. Her first origin for the Super Friends was that her powers were magical the result of a witch doctor in the Amazon. She could fly and breath flames, as well as project illusions. Her original name was Green Fury, but when she was brought into the mainstream DC Comics, her name was changed to Green Flame. Her origin changed as well. Her powers were no longer the result of magic, but instead an accidental exposure to an experimental energy gun while on mission for a Brazilian intelligence agency. The result was that da Costa could breathe flames. Dying her hair green, da Costa became Green Flame and applied for membership in the Global Guardians. There she met Ice Maiden and the two became fast friends.

When the Global Guardians found their funding cut, Green Flame and Ice Maiden sought membership in the Justice League. The two became full members and fought with the League for a number of years. During the Invasion mini-series, da Costa's abilities went through some radical changes. Effected by an alien bomb that effected those with super-human abilities, da Costa gained the ability to change her entire body into green flame, allowing her to fly, project flame, and making her seemingly intagible while in that form. Green Flame's name also changed during this time to Fire.

Fire fought along side the league for a while longer until the Justice League attempted to take on the villain Doomsday. Fire used her abilities to the point that they burned out and she lost her abilities for a time. She regained them and continued with the League, but later resign to return to Brazil.

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