Wear gloves when using Great Stuff. Wear disposable gloves.

I look like a leper and it's been 5 hours since I used this stuff. I didn't even really touch it at all. I think a week is too long--I'm going to get this crap off my hands if I have to use a wire brush.

Great stuff is a brand name for an expanding polyurethane foam marketed as an insulation and void filler. It comes in an aerosol can that you invert and spray through a long plastic tube. Seems really cool when you see it on This Old House or something like that, but the eerie gummy feeling I felt, that didn't respond to anything (even paint thinner) wasn't very nice. It was also the stickiest thing I've ever gotten on my fingers. I've removed an impressive amount of it, but still have some.

The other creepy thing is that it keeps expanding for about 15 minutes after you apply it, so that you can't help but overfill a whole. Let me explain. We had just gotten cable TV and I decided to re-run the wire that went up to our bedroom on the 2nd floor. The old wire had been stuck through the outside wall, with a HUGE hole, that had allowed the wasps to form a HUGE wasps nest (thankfully, inactive) in the wall. I had vacuumed huge chunks of it out, and wanted to make sure it never happened again. So, I thought, hey, Great Stuff, fill the hole, seal it off. WE also had a junction box in the (wall) (one of those remodel boxes with the (tabs)--which are designed for drywall but we have plaster and lath, which you're just supposed to screw the box to, but whoever made the hole damaged the lath so that couldn't be done, so the box was basically hanging. I figured a judicious application of Good Stuff would seal the hole, insulate the gap and help hold the box in place. It may still, someday, but there's a big blob sticking out the wall on the outside of the house, about 2 feet of the cable is covered in foam (although it seems to come off of that for some reason), and the (foam) leaked out from around the (sides) of the (outlet cover) But the cable works, and this won't be leaking any air anytime soon.

Overall though, Great Stuff my ass.

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