This was a very popular PC game controller a couple years back. The Gravis Gamepad by Gravis looked suspiciously like a Super Nintendo controller, minus the "L" and "R" buttons at the top. Still, the Gravis was cheap, reliable, well-supported and could take a helluva beating (just what you need when you just got fragged/wiped out/lost the game).

The controller had a 4-way control pad (with optional screw-on "stick"), four buttons, a "turbo" switch and a switch for reversing the controls. This was very practical for left-handed people, who could just flip the pad around. A novelty, since left-handed people are usually completely ignored in gamepad design. The Gravis hooked up via the old MIDI connector on the back of every soundcard.


The Gravis Gamepad is one of the few truly driverless controllers for Win9x.

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