Name given in Private Eye and other publications to The Guardian, a British newspaper infamous for its misspellings. However, it may be noted that the Guardian does at least acknowledge its errors in a daily column, unlike The Times, which is just slapdash.

In the old days of hot metal type and manual pasteup, the Guardian was the worst, by far, in terms of typos and misplaced letters. Since they have moved to digital typesetting, they have improved massively but have never been able to shake the label given to them by those cheeky blighters at Private Eye. Many of the new generation of errors come from the quirks of automated spellcheckers rather than the transposed letters of physical type.

And they do fess up to their errors; not just factual mistakes, but homonyms, abused apostrophes and other horrors. Hurrah for the People's Editor (who has a weekly column).

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