Some software is for playing (games), some for using (applications), some for using just to get the machine to be useful enough that you can run games or applications (utilities)

Graphity is of a fourth kind - toys. Something to be played with and gawped at, but not necessarily to be interacted with much.

The first piece of software I write for platform is always Graphity, as it is useful, (in its own useless little way). and doesn't require learning about the file input-output system for the platform.

Just the bare bones of the programming language at hand, and how to draw things on the screen - in this case, the paths of two (or more, in some implementations) bodies interacting through the force of gravity. It can draw utterly mesmeric patterns, or bleak uninteresting lines.

Watching to see which it will generate is, to me, fascinating. But perhaps I just need to get out more. After all, I find playing Snake on my Nokia mobile phone fascinating, even when it's re-ea-eally slowwww and the challenge becomes not zonking out from boredom before the snake gets into any perilous situation.

Oh, by the way, the EPOC version of Graphity headed up the 'What's New' column on Tucows's PDA page, on teh 30th October 2002. Yaaay for me!

The EPOC version of Graphity is available at, or from the TuCows mirroring network at

(n.b. I hadn't originally put in a URL as that felt like using E2 for promo, but I've had requests...)

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