Iron Bitch learned at the feet of the Mistress. Grand Bitch. She is even named after Grand Bitch, to her great joy. She has adored her since she was tiny. Not feared, but with increasing respect and wariness, for Grand Bitch is sneaky, subtle and mean as a snake.

Oh, the stories Iron Bitch could tell.

One time, during college, she was at Grand Bitch's retreat, where she ruled all. Grand Bitch made things happen and everyone ran around for her. Grand Bitch was 90 pounds and obeyed by all. They whined, they complained but they danced to her tune.

They were in the boat, motoring somewhere. Iron Bitch noticed an odd look on Grand Bitch's face. She followed Grand Bitch's gaze. Iron Bitch's current fuck, the nice PhD, was sitting there, shorts on and his dingle dangling out one leg.

Iron Bitch leaned forward, slapped Grand Bitches thigh lightly. "Grandma!"

Grand Bitch looked at Iron Bitch and back at the dangling dingle. Slow grin. "I'm enjoying the view," says Grand Bitch royally. "Not bad," she pronounces.

Iron Bitch sits back and thinks about this for a bit. She smiles back. "Nope." she says, "Not bad."

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