Gorguts is a Canadian death metal four-piece. Based in Quebec, started in 1989 with Luc Lemay on guitar and vocals, Sylvain Marcoux on guitar, Eric Giguere on bass, and Stephane Provencher on drums, they began their career as a pretty typical death metal band. Their first release was a 1990 demo tape entitled And Then Comes Lividity, which landed them a record deal with Roadrunner records.
Their full-legnth debut, Considered Dead, came out in 1991 and featured guest appearances by Death's guitarist, James Murphy, and Cannibal Corpse's vocalist, Chris Barnes. The Erosion of Sanity was the title of their second album, which was released in 1993 and was more of the same. Soon enough, coinciding with the decline of death metal's short-lived popularity, Gorguts was dropped from the Roadrunner label. For the next five years, the band went on hiatus.
Every member of the band quit except for Lemay, and most observers were sure that Gorguts was no more. However, three new musicians (Steeve Hurdle on guitar/vocals, Steve Cloutier on bass, and Patrick Robert on drums), were eventually brought in to fill the missing slots. The new Gorguts was signed to the Olympic label and released Obscura in 1998.
Obscura was an uncompromising experimental metal album that was met with mixed reception (the open minded were impressed and interested, and the closed minded wanted their traditional death metal).
Steeve Hurdle left Gorguts after the release of Obscura and was soon replaced by Daniel Mongrain, who was previously playing guitar for the prog metal group Martyr. From Wisdom to Hate, Gorguts' first album with Mongrain, was released in 2001.

Gorguts Discography:
-Considered Dead, 1991, Roadrunner records
-The Erosion of Sanity, 1993, Roadrunner records
-Obscura, 1998, Slipdisc records.
-From Wisdom to Hate, 2001, Olympic records.


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