All sad love poetry is horrible
Crying for a love that is not meant to happen
I will cry, but not for you
Rather for the love that I'm burying
He was young, filled with hope
He died of coldness, of indifference
Impatient to grow up like any kid
Fearless like only young couples can be
But sadness, start packing
Be done with it, begone, I am sorry for being a poor host
I'll walk alone as I've done most of my life
Yes, I'll miss those steps at my side
Yes, I may crumble from time to time
But I am not paper, and I'll uncrumble myself
I'll stand up, carrying this heavy dream

I lost many things
I'll add your love to the list
I'll add all the photos to the box
I'll pick up my rusty sword

The night does not wait for too long
Darkness fears no light, as much as any man wants
And there is no darkest hour than the one we reluct to fight
We breath hope, we expire our legacy
But a hero won't lay on the ground waiting for things to better up

Give me a half made world and the tools to finish it
Give me one hundred men and a thousand enemies
Give me a boat and a storm to tame
In death my dad taught me, rest is for the weak
We fall in peace, we fight passionately

Yes, all love fades
All lights eventually die
But for the love of the glimmer, we light another one up
We die, we get up, we cry and shatter day after day
After all, I've seen my hopes be ripped apart a thousand times
Only to show up tomorrow, scarless, with a brand new boat
Ready to depart, to die, to fall apart
Princess, new princess, don't be afraid, heroes don't make too much of a harm
Be my glorious "wake up" to this longsome night
But you should hurry up
I don't want to depart alone, but I will if I must
I don't want to try out tears, but fearing them will be my death
Tombstones, fallen heroes and a legacy I cant begin to cherish
This is my quest
This will kill me when I stop lifting my hands
It will pity me, bury me, and wait for another phoenix to rise
After all, what is want without force
But the cry of an unfit soul for stronger hands
I will rise for you, rise others for me, and bring about the ultimate fall
If you want to strike me, once and for all
You better start breathing now, foul dragon
Lost souls are inmune to the fires the depression brings about
I am filled with so much shit you'd scream like a baby were you to fit my shoes
I am so scared you'd cry in an endless loop were you to see life as I see it
That's why you can't stop me, you won't risk half of my "all in".
Anger yourself, as much as I anger with the world's apathy
Scream to me, as much as I scream to my weakness and chains
Let the rage consume you and burn deep within your heart
To prove my point I might give you a free shot
Shoot to kill, shoot to maim, shoot my love, shoot my stars
Destroy the love my mom taught me and the ambition that dad brought me
You destroyed my lover, my girlfriend, alone I stare at the void and I won't blink
Kill my hopes, kill my dreams, my body and my hands
Break my sword, tamper your shield and hold fast


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