Good girls who look like bad girls are oddly attractive, I've concluded. This observation was prompted by watching "Addicted to Love," with Meg Ryan. I usually don't find her interesting to look at, sort of bland, really, and she plays these very sweet characters that are all sort of alike. In this weird movie, though, she's sort of a bad girl, a bohemian biker chick/artist with edgy makeup, a bad attitude, and funky clothes. And she's suddenly very eye-catching, possibly even sexy (I wouldn't be a good judge of that).

This immediately brought to mind Geena Davis in "The Long Kiss Goodnight." I kinda like Geena Davis anyway, but when she transformed from pretty housewife into (spoiler!) ruthless assassin--black eyeshadow, bleached hair and all--she was suddenly several notches more wow. There must be more examples... Hmm, maybe I should buy some kohl!

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