A folk song from Wag the Dog created as part of their elaborate scheme to stage a war. The supposed folk song was used to heighten the fame of "Willy Shoeman" (or something like that, not sure of the exact name) and did so fairly well...

in the studio
"He's the Runt of the Litter, Waal that's true
N'I found him jest hiding in an Old Work Shoe
N'he got into mischief, as a Pup will do.
But I never had a better than my Good Old Shoe.
Waal, we's out jest a-huntin, on a Cold Fall Day, and
it seems like that Possum 'bout to Get Away..."

on the radio
"Dog Was Loyal, and the Dog was True...n'there's never been a better than my Good Old Shoe...Good Old Shoe...Good Old Shoe...Never have ta call'im when there's Work to do...If I get to Heaven when the Day is Through. I'll know I'll see him waitin', Jest a Good Old Shoe..."

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