Yeah, yeah, yeah...Mom always said, "Don't play ball in the house!". I know. Despite this common-sense Bradyism, I really enjoy practicing my lob wedge in my living room. The golf ball flies about 5 feet high, and about 10 feet away. Practicing this way does wonders for the confidence on the course. Just choke down and take a 9:00 swing with a 64° wedge and make sure you aren't playing the ball too forward in your stance. Keep good extension. Follow through fully. This practice will make you very "connected" between your body and arms. If you're prone to skulling, shanking or topping, you may want to practice a bit outside before attempting indoor high-pitch golf. I have a 3/4" thick pile carpet. Your mileage will vary on shag, tile, hardwood, and thin carpet. I also would be sure that your wedge doesn't have too much bounce in it.

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