One of the most convoluted expressway interchanges in North America, located north of Miami, Florida, at the intersection of Interstate 95, Florida's Turnpike, the Palmetto Expressway, U.S. 441, and 163rd Street. Columnist Dave Barry once wrote that it was built "by Martians, for Martians." The three expressways that meet at the Golden Glades are perhaps the three busiest commuter routes in South Florida, so it's no wonder that the interchange sees as much rush hour traffic as it does. A bottleneck at the Golden Glades—and there are many—can slow down traffic for miles and aggravate hundreds of thousands of people.

The Golden Glades is also a stop on the Tri-Rail, intended for park and ride commuters. The main flaw with this idea is that most commuters who make it as far as the Golden Glades figure that they may as well drive the rest of the way to Miami, since the worst is behind them.

The only redeeming feature of the whole mess is that the carpool lane on I-95 flies right over the entire interchange, so people driving with their friends can look down on the mess below them and laugh out loud.

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