The Goethe Institut is a worldwide effort to improve knowledge of German culture, it has branches in many major cities throughout the world, and especially in Europe. It is named after the famous Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

They offer courses in German from introduction to German classes to highly advanced levels. The Institute themselves are staffed (from my experience of them) by native Germans, who have an excellent knowledge of the local language. There is also an extensive library, which can be accessed via post if the Institut is too far to go in person.

The Institut also helps to encourage the learning of German is schools, by providing them with promotional material on the subject, and will lend teaching resources from the library. The London Institut in South Kensington even has a Cinema, so German groups can book a day there, and watch resources. When I was studying the propaganda of Nazi Germany, I went there to see Triumph des Willens. Throughout my course the Institut was willing to send me books, and there was never a problem if I wished to renew a book I had borrowed.

The annual budget of the Goethe Institut is approximately € 278 million ($340 million US). Some of this is generated from revenue from membership of the local Institute, but much is provided by the German state. The President of the Institut is Prof. Dr. Jutta Limbach and the General Secretary Dr. habil. Andreas Schlüter. It is also responsible for funding Radio Goethe in San Fransisco.

In short, the Goethe Institut is the best possible resource for German culture short of being in Germany.

Budget and names of President and General Secretary taken from which is available in German and English

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