A kind of MUD, originally developed by Richard Woolcock, aka KaVir, and released in 1996. It is derived from Merc 2.1, which in turn is based on Copper, based on DIKU.

The theme of all GodWars muds is playerkilling, or just pk in short, and the atmosphere on them is often very harsh, with curses and insults aplenty.

There are many GodWars MUDs around, but originality is as rare as icecream on the moon. The essential skill that should always be present on any mud is often replaced by monotonous spam, and it seems that everyone smart enough to type make wants to own a GodWars MUD. This is not to say that all GodWars MUDs are bad, but finding the good ones can be hard.

A feature GodWars shares with most code bases today is extreme bloatedness and legions of bugs, especially among the ones derived from the Lords of War code, or its descendants, like the Planes of Hades. Finding a program that is less stable than a LoW-based MUD with an eager but mediocre coder is a hard task in itself.

Most GodWars MUDs have a theme based in the World of Darkness, by the popular RPG game producer White Wolf.

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