Released in 1986, this was the Mission's debut album and still their best effort. Features Wayne Hussey's slightly strained vocals (he still isn't such a great vocalist) going from a growl to a scream over a lot of basic rock guitars. Lyrically, there is still a lot of Sisters of Mercy in this album, and in fact the great song "Garden of Delight" was originally recorded as a Sisters demo with different music. Musically, however, this is a whole new direction, much closer to a classic rock style, with acoustic guitars and more interesting drums than Doktor Avalanche ever managed (no surprise there, since he was a bargain-price drum machine).

Also notable for the presence of Julianne Regan from All About Eve singing backup on a few songs, adding a very nice touch.

I still believe in God, but God no longer believes in me.

With these apocalyptic words Wayne Hussey kicks off the first album by The Mission (Also known as The Mission UK in the USA). This record was released in 1986.

The mission were the guys who were thrown out/walked away from uber-goth band The Sisters of Mercy and Andrew Eldritch. Perhaps that line about God refers to Mr Eldritch himself.

The Mission thereafter have released far more music than the The Sisters of Mercy and are arguably are commercially more successful band, even if they have not gouged themselves so deeply into the subculture's consciousness.

Eschewing The Sisters' hard clean cold adrenochrome drum-machine sound, they made more intricate, acoustic, melodic, emotional music. Not so much Gothic as Baroque. Not so much Torquemada as Shelley. Gone is the dark sarcasm of The Sisters of Mercy. At times they are romantic, at times playful, such as on the wickedly funny innuendos of "Love me to death".

Listening to the old dusty album again now is a welcome treat, an old favourite that I haven’t heard in years. But it's not a classic, and IMHO not their best. I prefer The first chapter (1987), which though it was released later, contains some earlier material. Wayne's voice is at times truly bad on God's Own Medicine.

1 Wasteland (5:42)
2 Bridges Burning (4:08)
3 Garden of Delight (3:42)
4 Stay with me (4:37)
5 Blood Brother (5:16)
6 Let sleeping dogs die (5:53)
7 Sacrilege (4:45)
8 Dance on Glass (5:10)
9 And the dance goes on (4:10)
10 Severina (4:21)
11 Love me to death (4:28)
12 Island in a steam (5:25)

Liner notes:
The band members are given as Mick, Wayne, Simon and Wayne.
That would be Wayne Hussey (guitarist and singer), Craig Adams (bassist), Simon Hinkler (Guitar), Mick Brown (Drums)

The faith has been kept
And the first chapter has been written
For us all. And so the time has come
To turn our eyes to the heart
Of the rising sun. And as we do
We must all kiss farewell and forever
The tearful moon and the crying dark hours
All our prayers have been answered
God's own medicine

Treasure these moments touched with joy
But remember the moments tarnished and stained
For you sunshine, it is a taste of your own medicine
God’s own medicine for you
Wake for you
Wake for you my precious

Music: Adams/Brown/Hinkler/Hussey
Words: Hussey

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