A now yearly technical conference coordinated by Lockergnome founder, Chris Pirillo, and began 3 years ago. The conference is typically held over the summer on a weekend (although plans for next years conference predict it to be held in late September). It has been so far, always held in the quiet town of Des Moines, Iowa, Pirillo's home town.

The conference consists of parties, a keynote by Chris Pirillo and presentations by various leaders in tech-centered fields. At the most recent conference notable speakers included Rob Malda of Slashdot fame, Tim O'Reilly, John C. Dvorak as well as others.

Started as a "a tech conference for everyone else" what Gnomedex is exactly about is not really known. It is fun, informative and generally enjoyable. Topics are vast but activities are usually centered around a theme, this year, at Gnomedex 3.0, the theme was Fellowship of the Geeks. A bit odd, the mixture makes up a truely unique experience unparalleled elsewhere.


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