The Glutton Bowl: The World's Greatest Eating Competition

Welcome to America, land of plenty. Originally aired on the FOX television network February 21st, 2002, Glutton Bowl is a television special like no other so far. 40 individuals, including some females, down pound after pound of food, competing to be the fastest and most complete eaters. The contestants are lined up on stage, and the food is poured from above into a huge bowl. The contestants are then given the food and timed in their eating. Those who eat the most or the fastest are winners, and go on to another round. Second place winners get a second chance of sorts, competing against each other in an extra round. The food so far includes:

Whole hard boiled eggs

Unsalted sticks of butter

3 lb. Cooked Cow Tongues

The contestants really stuff the food in their mouths, spreading butter and fat all over the place. It is, put nicely, sickening. Monetary prizes are available for the winners, including a $25,000 top prize.

Of special importance is the timeslot the show was aired in. It competed against the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, considered by many to be a pinnacle of culture and athleticism. Unfortunately, during a time when all eyes were on America, FOX gave the world a smack in the face with a nasty picture of “American” culture. Also, the show was aired during a time when America is/was under attack by persons who justify their hate by saying how disgusting and wasteful American culture is.

Running time of 2 hours, starting at 8pm. The winner was crowned "champ of the chomp"

The rest of the food items featured in the FOX "Glutton Bowl" were as follows:

hot dogs


bowls of mayonnaise

bull testicles

and cow brains (the final round)

There could have been more, but this is all I remember.

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