German makers of ultra-top-of-the-line sound equipment, especially stuff dealing with all things bass. You won't find many Glockenklang products in your typical equipment mail-order catalogue; they don't sell all that well to their usual customers because they're very expensive. But also very good; in fact they keep spawning rave reviews and they're used as a quality reference by many other manufactures. Their 'Bugatti' line of solid-state bass amplifiers are among the finest, if not the finest in the world. They don't make anything tube-based, though.

Their company name is kind of cute to a German who understands it, as it is a poetical word for "sound of a bell" or rather "sound as clear as a bell's".

Glockenklang product range as of May 2002:

  • Bass systems:
    • The Passenger 250 W combo (1x12")
    • Soul Bass Top (440 W)
    • Uno 1x15" cabinet (300 W)
    • Duo 2x10" cabinet (400 W)
    • Duo Wedge 2x10" cabinet (400 W)
    • Soul Combo = Duo cabinet with Soul Bass Top built in
    • Quattro 4x10" cabinet (800 W)
    • Double 2x12" cabinet (500 W)
    • Bass Art preamp
    • Bass Art Top (300 W)
    • Bugatti preamp
    • Bugatti 300 Poweramp
    • Bugatti 400 Poweramp
    • Heart-Core Top (400 W)
    • Acoustic Art MkII 1x10" cabinet (200 W)
    • Bass Art MkII 1x15" cabinet (600 W)
    • Bass Art Wedge 1x15" cabinet (600 W)
    • Take Five 4x10" cabinet (800 W)
    • Tedd 1x15" cabinet (600 W)
  • Disco/P.A. systems:
    • Proton Disco-Mixer
    • Double Two noisegate
    • Impuls 300/2 poweramp
    • Impuls 400/2 poweramp
    • Impuls 15-H bass box
    • Impuls 18-B bass reflex box (1x18")
    • Impuls 30-B bass reflex box (2x15")
    • Impuls 20/1 top box
    • Impuls 20/2 top box
    • Impuls ACX/2 crossover
    • Impuls 150/2 vocal P.A. box
    • Impuls 15/2 Wedge box
    • Impuls 15/2 top box
    • Compact CX 8 coaxial box (1x8")
    • Compact 10/1 box (1x10")
    • Compact 15-B bass reflex box (1x15")

Some Glockenklang endorsers:

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