Glenn Muller was on of the most well known venture capitalists on Sand Hill Road for many years. As part of Mayfield Funds, he was responsible for being the original backer of many startups most notably, Silicon Graphics (SGI).

Muller was able to take advantage of SGI co-founder Jim Clark's naiveness in business matters and bought a 25% share in the company just before it boomed for a measly $800,000. Clark's anger at this would actually lead to Muller's suicide.

When internal conflicts at SGI finally took their toll on Clark and he left the company, many were eager to be the first backers of one of his new venture, which became Netscape. One of these was Muller. Clark never forgot Muller's bias against him at SGI and thus refused to allow him to invest in Netscape. On April 4, 1994, the day Netscape was founded and just a scant few days after Muller had pleaded for the last time to be allowed to invest in Netscape, he committed suicide.

Muller's wife later revealed to friends and collegues that Muller suffered from extreme paranoia, convinced that everyone was trying to put him out of business.

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