A band of villains from Akira Toriyama's famous anime/manga series Dragonball Z. These five fiends are elite mercenaries hired by Freiza to search for the Dragonballs on Namek. While their fixation with doing absurd poses (a parody of the Japanese phenomenon of sentai heroes) makes them look silly, these five are not to be taken lightly. The original members of the Ginyu Force are:

  • Guldo: A comical-looking frog-like humanoid with four eyes and green skin. Guldo may not look very intimidating, but in addition to the usual energy blasts, he has strong mental powers such as mind reading, telekinesis, and the power to freeze his opponents in their tracks. He can also stop everything around him with his "Time Freeze" maneuver, but this trick takes a lot out of him. He was the first member of the Ginyu Force to be eliminated, when Vegeta killed him.

  • Recoome: A hulking mostly-human fellow with short red hair, Recoome is a straight-up bruiser who can take a lot of punishment. His most powerful technique is the "Eraser Cannon", where he fires a devastating energy blast from his mouth.

  • Jeice and Burter: Jeice is a short humanoid with long white hair and red skin. Burter is a tall reptilian fellow with blue skin and no hair. Otherwise, these two are fairly non-descript, except for their incredible speed, which is why I grouped them together.

  • Captain Ginyu: The leader of the Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu has purple skin and large horns coming out of his head. Ginyu is, of course, the strongest of the bunch, and has a number of techniques to prove it. His most dangerous is the Renzoku Ki Dan, which allows him to switch bodies with his opponent with a verbal command. This eventually lead to his downfall, as Goku tricked him into jumping into the body of a small frog.

Info gleaned from the "Villains" section of the site Dragonball Z Legends- http://www.geocities.com/notenpkan/

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