The Detroit Red Wings hockey club has a tradition of naming their lines to correspond with the type of play that those players demonstrate. In the past this tradition has given birth to The Production Line, as well as The Grind Line, and most recently The Swedish MeatHull Line.

The Swedish MeatHull Line, which endured from the 2002-03 season until the 2004 NHL player lockout, consisted of future Hall of Famer Brett Hull on right wing, Henrik Zetterberg on left wing, and Pavel Datsyuk at center. Pairing up Hull with these two incredible young players is a stroke of pure genius on the part of Dave Lewis, the Wings' head coach at the time. Zetterberg was narrowly defeated by Barret Jackman for the 2003 Rookie of the Year honors, and Datsyuk continues to skate with the speed, power, and grace of a 200 pound Michelle Kwan on meth. Hull is perhaps one of the few veterans with the ability to both temper and mold those raw talents into future Hall of Famers themselves.

The name 'Swedish MeatHull Line' is derived from a clever combination of the players’ home countries, and their last names. Zetterberg hails from Njurunda, Sweden, and Datsyuk is a native of Sverdolvsk (now Yekaterinberg), in the former USSR.

This of course is not an officially recognized title of that particular line, but rather a designation that some particularly rabid (and local) Wings fans have cooked up and are attempting to insert into the lexicon. As a true Wings fanatic, I am certain that you will help perpetuate this term, for the good of all Hockeytown.

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