I will tell you here a few (more or less) explainable but true stories from the world of the computers. Feel free to node yours, too...

The scary tale of J. Suzuki

This happened when I was a kid... My first computer was a Spectravideo SVI 318.

MikroBITTI told that by entering a certain POKE/PEEK command combination, the computer printed "J.Suzuki" (obviously an easter egg left by the designer). I never got it to work; Apparently I had a newer specimen that had had its egg removed...

I still get creeps when I think of the mysterious mr. Suzuki who haunts in the machine but can't get out. Recently I had a related nightmare but can't remember anything specific...

The tale of vanishing Linux

One day, I tried booting Linux on my father's 486.

It had vanished. Completely. Not a single trace of it.

Windows worked fine, but the Linux partition was completely gone.

I installed Slackware again. Three days later, it disappeared again.

After about a month of mourning installed Debian (buggy dist version that came from InfoMagic's CD-ROMs - they didn't had official ISO images back then) and it worked fine.

I installed Slackware to my P166 when I got it, but soon I switched to Debian permanently. (That P166 is now my mother's , but the same installation still lives on this machine... =)

About year ago I tried to boot the Debian again on that 486, but guess what... it didn't boot! Looks like that dist had vanished once again. Still, it stayed on that disk much longer than Slackware. I wonder where the spirits of that lost Data is now.

(I don't know much about an explanation - sometime this year, Windows also disappeared from that disk - entire partition table was gone. I think it was just a plain old explainable death of Yet Another Seagate Disk - but will we ever know?)


The evil coaster of DOOM!!!!

See gcombust for why that's the only nice GUI CD burning app for Linux... (Not really a ghost story, but the end result was equally creepy.)

The Haunted Speakers

(From my comment to /., 2002-05-19, some time before 4 o'clock in morning...)

My home PC came with no less than two sets of crappy speakers. (As a music lover, this insult was severe enough to make me decide that I'll buy the next PC in parts =)

Anyway, one set of the speakers was supposed to be attached to the monitor somehow (more cabling than anyone ever needs).

I plugged the speakers in. I couldn't hear a thing.
I unplugged them. And they worked perfectly.

I used the speakers from my old PC, and now I have a nice 4.1 speaker set - so that... I... don't... need to... think... of the... haunted... speakers... in the... ::shiver:: box... in the... cellar. ::shiver::

Maybe I won't sleep that well tonight, now that I was reminded of this thing...

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