My parents have a punishment for me which is unplugging my ethernet cable that goes to my room. This cable is bright yellow and is in the basement. Usually, they'll unplug it, I'll plug it back in, they'll see the bright yellow cord in the hub and unplug it and bitch at me.

The Idea
I know that my parents can only identify the cord by its obvious pigment. My plan was to hook 10ft or so of blue cord onto the end, tape the bright yellow end onto another unused cord hanging off the vents and plug in the blue cord.

After dinner I bring a piece of blue cat5 with a connector on the end up to my room along with a pair of wire strippers. I watch Stigmata with my parents and complain of a headache, which allows me to gank some excedrin, I take 4 which will allow me to stay up until sunrise if need be.

Getting Out
It's 2am, my parents have fallen asleep. I turn down the Meat Beat Manifesto, click off the monitor and wait silently for 5 minutes at my door. Nobody is awake, at all. I pull the door up as I open it to avoid making any noise. I slide to the stairwell in my socks, again maintaining absoloute silence. I put my weight on the handrail to keep my weight from making the steps creak. After that, I slide across the living room and quietly open my basement door. I'm out.

The Event
Walking in darkness as the lightswitch at the top of the basement stairs is loud. I follow the green blinkenlights of my 486 Linux box's ethernet cards. I pull the overhead light's string and get to work. I slice off 10 feet of the bright yellow cord, twist on the blue cord and plug it in to the hub. It lights, good. I then use electrical tape to tape the yellow end onto an unused cable which is hanging from the ceiling. I pull the part of the blue cord where it meets the cord running to my room over a PVC pipe to conceal the cuts. I arrange everything as I had left it, turn off the light and get upstairs.

Return Trip
Slowly going up the stairs, sliding over the landing. I loudly open my door to my room and then proceed to walk over to the bathroom. In case my parents wondered about the earlier noises, they would now assume them to be me getting out of bed for a trip to the bathroom. I go back to my room and close the door. I click on the monitor and turn the MBM back up. AIM decided to open itself once I got my net connection back and everything was working well.

I added all screen names of my parents and brother/sister to my block list, put a password on the computer and windows screenssaver.

My parents have suspected me of having my network connection back today, but their check of the basement led them to believe that they were wrong. As long as they don't catch me red-handed, I'm home free

*cue spybreak music*

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