You don't want to just sit there and RTFM; modern Linux distributions have become too easy; what can you do to actually learn Linux? My advice: setup an Internet server.

Some reasons why this is a good learning experience:

Step to success:

  1. Try to have another Internet-enabled computer around for looking things up.
  2. Depending on your level of experience with Linux, choose a distribution somewhere between Mandrake and rolling your own.
  3. Make multiple copies of any installation floppies (if it crashes mysteriously during install, try another floppy)
  4. Install a minimal system and gradually add more components (this is a dream with Debian's apt-get).
  5. Get connected to the Internet first.
  6. Look up some basic security tips (smart people will suggest you do that before going on-line).
  7. Start adding services, one at a time; don't start with the next one until you're successful with the previous or have completely given up.
  8. Add weirder and weirder things until you run out of hard drive space or get a job as a Linux consultant and start the process all over again on a client's computer.
  9. Go on-line and share what you learned.

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