In his humor e-column "This is True", Randy Cassingham wrote this seemingly innocuous story:

The British Tomato Growers' Association encouraged its members to try using feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice to create harmonious environments by channeling energy flows, to increase the yields of their gardens. That didn't sit well with two employees at Arreton Valley Nurseries on the Isle of Wight. "It put me in conflict with my faith," complains Martin Kelly, who quit the nursery and took his son Paul with him. "I'm not working for a farm that openly claims it relies on a power other than God." (Reuters) ...You mean like the sun?

which prompted a torrent of mail from outraged nutjobs, such as this letter from "Sandra in Washington":

"I am sorry that I will no longer have this article e-delivered to me anymore. I have just received my first one, and upon reading it; it pokes fun at people with faith in God. I am going to have to inform my friends."

The people who managed to get on with their lives far, far outnumbered those who thought Christianity was attacked by a joke about gardening, of course. But Sandra’s letter was merely a mild example of the over-the-top insanity of these letters, many of which condemned him to hell.

So Randy offered a Get Out Of Hell Free card to his readers who may find themselves in the same predicament as him. These "Last Chance" cards are a parody of the Monopoly game’s Get Out Of Jail Free card and are available on his web site,

"Sin all you want, we'll print more."

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