Gerald A. Browne:

Author; primarily focusing on thriller/fiction.
Some examples of his work are:

Stone 588
11 Harrowhouse
Green Ice
19 Purchase Street
18mm Blues

.. and many others.

Most of his books seem to have an underlying theme: diamonds - but he crafts his novels so well, and with such knowledge of any subjects covered, that it's easy to become absorbed in his storyland and not even notice. I went looking through a few of Browne's novels I have here on my shelf, and I couldn't find any information about the author! The book company that published the books I have (Berkley Books) apparently was bought out, so there wasn't any information available about him from them, so I looked around for a while on the net; not much biographical information was really available there either. Perhaps someone else will contribute some information about this excellent author. Otherwise, I'll come back and update this post if I can find anything further about him. All in all though, he's an excellent author. If you're into the thriller/suspense stuff, I recommend his books.

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