1841-1929 Premier of France twice, first 1906-1909 then again 1917-1920.

1917-1920 was, as you may know, the end of WWI.
Clemenceau spoke on behalf of France at the end of the war as one of the "The Big Three" powers at the Paris Peace Conference where the Treaty of Versailles was drawn up. France had been hurt severely during the war, suffering the most most casualties and the most humiliation. France was very angry at Germany and was set on a crushing revenge. Clemenceau demanded Germany pay huge amounts of reparation, return Alsace-Lorraine, Germany's disarmament, the dismemberment of Germany, and all of the produce from the mines of Saar for the next 15 years.

He was never happy with the way the treaty turned out, and ironically lost the re-election of 1920 because he was viewed as too lenient towards Germany.

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