French author from some time early last century. Responsible for some extremely weird surrealist sex stories, of which I believe the most famous (notorious?) is "Histoire de l'Oeil" ("Story of the Eye") - you can read an English translation at (warning, contains content).
He has a special hangup about eggs, and eyes. And of course all the usual fare: Blood, death, humiliation...

I once read that his father was paralysed, and Georges as a boy had the job of helping him urinate from his bed. His father's eyes would move around under his closed eyelids as he relieved himself, reminding Georges of eggs. Make what you will of this.

Georges Bataille was born in Billon, Puy-de-Dôme, France, in 1897. He died in 1962.

His mother tried to kill herself repeatedly.

His father was paralyzed from syphilis (according to Bataille).

Bataille converted to Catholicism at the beginning of WWI, intending to become a priest, but eventually left the church due to a loss of faith. He fought in the war but was discharged due to tuberculosis. “I myself am war,” said Bataille.

He was involved with the Surrealist movement until excommunicated by Andre Breton.

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