Music producer/manager. Worked with many singers and groups, including Smokey Robinson and Kim Carnes, but is most famous/infamous for his involvement with Tiffany. He heard Tiffany recording a local radio commercial at his studio, and signed her up as a client of his management -- she was 12 years old at the time. By a few years later, she had become a big pop star, and her career was being micromanaged by Tobin, who demanded absolute control of everything from her music to the clothes she wore, and took 50% of the income from her record royalties and concert tours. This precipitated a big fight with Tiffany's relatives, leading to the famous lawsuit where she sought emancipation from her mother; at the time, she sided with Tobin, but by her 18th birthday (with her pop success faltering) she broke from his management and let Maurice Starr produce her next album (New Inside) instead. This flopped, and a few years later she was attempting a short-lived comeback with Tobin once again in charge, but she soon broke with him for the second and final time. Tiffany's current comeback doesn't involve Tobin, but a former partner of Tobin's, Brad Schmidt, is part of her current management team. Meanwhile, Tobin went on to attempt to put together various teen pop crazes, such as PC Quest, none of which have achieved very much success. Last I heard, he's in Las Vegas (his studio was formerly in North Hollywood, California), and owns a radio station there.

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