A community college with two and a half campuses, located in Toronto Ontario. Like the other colleges in Ontario, GBC was founded in 1967. The college gets its name from one of the Fathers of Confederation, George Brown. The college is known for the many nurses it produces, as well as a world famous chef school.

It offers 112 diploma programs, as well as eight degree programs, mostly in conjunction with Ryerson University (where that half-campus is located). An additional 29 certificate programs rounds out the full-time catalogue. There are also over 700 continuing education courses available. Currently, there are about twelve thousand full-time students, as well as over fifty thousand part-time and con. ed. students.

The college website is at <http://www.gbrownc.on.ca/>.

Casa Loma Campus

The largest of the campuses of GBC, Casa Loma campus is situated on the stretch of Kendal Ave. between Davenport Rd. and MacPherson Ave. Nearby features include Casa Loma, and the City of Toronto Archives. The Dupont subway station is a mere three minute walk from the campus.

The campus itself is a collection of six buildings. These buildings are:

  1. Doesn't exist. It was torn down in the summer of 2004.
  2. Dentistry. Kendal Ave. and Davenport Rd. (actual address unknown).
  3. The main building of the campus. 160 Kendal Ave.
  4. ESL and building technologies. 1 Dartnell Ave.
  5. The new student centre building. 143 Kendal Ave.
  6. Finance and records. No classes at all. 500 MacPherson Ave.

St. George Campus

This campus is made of two buildings. One is an ugly brick rectangular prism at 200 King St. E. The second is at 290-300 Adelaide St. and is home to financial services and the faculty of hospitality and tourism. This campus is where the chef school is located.

Ryerson University Campus

This isn't really a campus at all, but merely a collection of offices and classrooms in Kerr Hall at Ryerson University. The address is 99 Gerrard St. E.

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