I may post another birthday node. But I'm not sure.

I do have something, though.

I have a sticky note, from months ago. The text on it is
small; my usual scrawl, “d”s carved from the belly like all
I really wanted anyway was the partial derivative of my
words to be understood, “a”s shifting between double and
single story
, lines that are glad to slip into whatever
space they see nearby.

Sorry if it's a bit wrinkled.

┃ I need time                \=======┑
┃ I need a summer             \      │
┃ I need to refactor my brain  │     │
┃ I need to turn off the god-dam\ned │
┃     music                      \   │
┃ I need to sit and relax and     \  │
┃     listen to music              \ │
┃ I need to write myself down       \│
┃     because looking spellings up  │
┃     in my dictionary is tiresome  │
┃ I need  success almost as much  /│
┃     as I need failure          / │
┃ I need to cuddle              /  │

And like magic, my needs began to come, one by one, this
summer. They became goals. I'm halfway through, spatially,
and that's incredible.

(It is awesomeness. As we youngsters might say. And ought to.)

 This contains a teeny bit of unicode.
 If it's unintelligible... sorry.
 I do blame you completely.
 [ In fact, I had to remove
  a good bit to account for
  idiotic font mishmashes ]

For the last few months, at irregular intervals, money has been added to my phone’s account. It’s always the same amount, $9.75, which doesn’t pay my monthly bill. Looking at my account history gives no indication of where this money comes from, and I’m pretty sure it’s not from my provider. The amount is odd as well. My plan is a fixed monthly rate of $35 with no additional fees anywhere. What sense would there be in giving a fraction that would perpetually leave a remainder on the balance?

I know this money isn’t coming from me. I use prepaid cards to refill my account. The only information my provider has on me is my name, my phone number, and an outdated mailing address.

I have a bit of an ethical quandary on my hands. This could all be computer error, in which case I’m benefiting from flaws in the matrix. On the other hand, it could be that someone is unwittingly putting money into the wrong account, in which case I’m either robbing granny or will soon be a victim of the mob. If I raise a stink about it, this helpful, yet perplexing, income boost will doubtlessly disappear.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth
Beware Greeks bearing gifts

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