My nickname for the current generation. These kids are raised around computers, DVD and 100+ channel cable. Older Generation X geeks find this generation to be both a boon and a curse. We are humbled at times by the knowledge they have at such a young age, however we see this computer savvy generation as a hope for the pet projects of our generation (Linux, xBSD etc..).

Of course not all members of generation tech fit the stereotype (as with any generation, it is defined by it's most visible members). Generation tech has always had internet access and rarely have they ever had to "dial in" to a BBS. To them Commadore and Amigas are curious antiques from a bygone era. To them computers have always had a GUI. To them Texas Instruments has always made calculators (although they are spiffy graphing calculators). To them printers come in two forms, ink jet or laser.

Other defining aspects:
- Music has always been availible on CD, so has software..
- Space Shuttle launches were never that big a deal
- Starbucks has always been a national chain
- Bjork has always been a solo act
- The captain of the USS Enterprise has always been (visibly) bald
- Han spoke with Jabba the Hutt before boarding the Millenium Falcon in Star Wars

All of these features are somewhat enviable and yet somehow sad, but that is the way of the future. Now if you'll exuse me I have some ANSI art to go work on....

"...some what?"

don't make me kill you

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