Gatsometers are hateful devices used to catch speeding/light-jumping motorists.

The Dutch company Gatso ( manufactures a variety of speed limit and red light enforcement camera collectively known as "Gatsometers".

Speed limit enforcement cameras

  • Gatso Radar 24/Camera system
    • Uses radar to detect speed of vehicles
  • Gatso RLC-36-Speed Wet film camera
    • Uses a loop embedded in the road to detect speed, used on bends where the radar system cannot operate
  • Gatso DiGi-36-Speed Digital film camera

    • As the RLC-36-Speed but with digital imaging system instead of wetfilm.

Traffic-light enforcement cameras

  • Gatso RLC-36
    • Wetfilm camera
  • Gatso DiGi RLC
    • Digital camera

Get caught by one of these and a few weeks later you'll receive a ticket or a subpoena (depending on how fast you were going) and a nice photo of your car with its speed indicated.

The Dutch (remember, they invented and produce them) have a special hatred of Gatsometers, as can be seen on this site (, cataloguing the destruction of many of these malodourous devices.

They can currently be found all over Europe, especially in the Netherlands and the UK.

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