A member of the Heroes of Lallor.

Tal Nahii is the real name of Gas Girl. Tal was born to parents exposed to a atomic accident that destroyed the continent of Atillar on their home planet of Lallor. Tal was born with the ability to change herself into any gas in the known galaxy with the accompanying properties. Tal is also able to control her movement while in gaseous form unlike real gas. Tal, calling herself Gas Girl, joined with four other youth with extra-ordinary abilities to protect their home and sometimes the galaxy. These five youth became known as the Heroes of Lallor. Gas Girl and the rest of the Heroes of Lallor assisted the Legion of Super-Heroes on a number of occassions.

Gas Girl has the ultimate in "fly-away hair" as her hair is gaseous in nature, seeming to rise up from her head. This is a learned ability as she did not originally appear in this manner in early adventures.

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