Gary Thorne is a television sports broadcaster. His principle forte in the world of sports broadcasting is the NHL. His voice can be seen and his likeness observed as he calls games for ESPN or ABC. Gary Thorne's partner in sports broadcasting is Bill Clement, a color commentator and inspirational speaker whose service can be purchased from the Eagle Talent Connection Inc. for a price of $5,001-$7500. Gary Thorne is a former University of Maine Black Bear with a doctorate in law from Georgetown University Law Center.

Gary Thorne is not only an NHL sports broadcaster, but also, in addition to, too, he sports commentates (or "calls") many sports, including speed skating for the 1998 Winter Olympics, and New York Mets baseball games.

Gary Thorne is much shorter than Bill Clement as can be observed when their likenesses stand side-by-side before the puck is dropped and the NHL broadcast begins in earnest, at which time Gary Thorne and Bill Clement and sometimes another color commentator sit in a booth from which they can most easily observe the NHL action. Gary Thorne also has to call games with Darren Pang, a former NHL goaltender of little repute, and pretty much just an overly excitable guy with a broad and sometimes overenthusiastic and disconcerting grin.

Gary Thorne most recently "called" the NHL Stanley Cup finals. While sometimes Gary can seem a little absent-minded and misinformed (as when in Jaromir Jagr's inaugural season in the NHL Gary repeatedly mispronounced Jagr (YAA-ger) as (JAY-ger); some hockey fans still harbor some dislike for Gary for this reason), in the 2004 NHL Stanley Cup finals between the Calgary Flames, led by Jarome Iginla, and the Tampa Bay Lightning, led by many players including 40 year old Dave Andreychuk, Vincent Lecavalier and former UVM Catamount Martin St. Louis who also won both the Art Ross Trophy awarded to the regular season scoring champion and the Lester B. Pearson Award as the most outstanding NHL player by his peers--and anyway, Gary Thorne] called a very inspired and well-informed NHL Stanley Cup finals and seems to be on top of his sports broadcasting game right now. He apparently loves the game of ice hockey and hockey fans appreciate sports broadcasters who love the game of ice hockey.

Gary Thorneis 56 years old now, his birthday being June the 9th, 1948.

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