After a number of interviews in Guitar World, The Rolling Stone, Kerrang! and other music magazines where Edward Van Halen claimed that Gary was destined to be the lead singer in his band, and that he (Edward) was a changed man after meeting Gary and recording "Van Halen 3", Gary Cherone was fired from Van Halen.

This happened after the album was released, and although Gary was a good singer, he did not quite appeal to the old Van Halen fans, and somewhat failed to attract new ones. In short, the album he recorded with the band was not successful. Some speculate Gary was fired because of that, while others say that Eddie just has too much of an ego, but the fact remains. I'm not a big Van Halen fan, but I still felt cheated after reading all those wonderful interviews, and then a couple month later hearing about the change in the band lineup.

And now there are rumours floating around that Van Halen may again tour with David Lee Roth ... Most intriguing.

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