This is the world of real estate's beautifully charming and creative way of saying "basement." It basically just means an apartment that is underground.

A garden apartment complex consists of small, low-rise buildings (usually two to three stories tall, though older ones can be four or even five stories) over landscaped, almost park-like grounds, usually with an unfenced communal courtyard in the middle. Some complexes, rather than having individual buildings spread out (seemingly sporadically, to an outsider), will have them in orderly rows, or acting as a sort of structural wall with the courtyard hidden inside.

Each individual apartment is only one level (which in smaller buildings may actually mean having the entire level to yourself), and usually has its own outdoor entrance (rather than a shared stairwell or hallway) with the upper level ones tending to have a small entrance balcony. This is actually part of the reason they aren't built too tall: garden apartment buildings don't have elevators.

Garages are usually in a separate area all to themselves with parking spots assigned, but this isn't always the case. Occasionally, garages can be placed under the apartments proper, giving the owners easier access.

Despite the seemingly ideal conditions (namely having lots of public space to run around in), most have the same restrictions against furry, four-legged pets as any other, less naturalistic apartment complex.

Expect an abundance of large trees, carefully cropped grass and hedges, and potted plants (particularly around the balconies and entrances).

Based off of all the garden apartments I have known.

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