Also known as GDW, Game Designer's Workshop used to be a gaming company which produced strategic military simulation boardgames and role playing games.

Founded by Marc W. Miller Loren K. Wiseman and Frank Chadwick in the middle 70`s and based in Bloomington, Illinois, this company was amongst the first companies to produce professional Role Playing Games.

Best known for classical games such as the far future RPG Traveller (complete with it's editions of MegaTraveller and Traveller: The New Era (aka TNE)), military post WW III RPG Twilight:2000, steampunk (Victorian age space travel) Space: 1889, Dark Conspiracy, near future Traveller: 2300 and others, as well as many award-winning boardgames, GDW was forced to close doors in the 90's when the TCG wave struck all game companies.

However, most of GDW's games have found new homes, speaking volumes about the quality and popularity of the existing material.

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