The Galliard is one of the Garou auspices from Werewolf: the Apocalypse, a World of Darkness game from White Wolf.

The Galliard's moon sign is the gibbous moon. (The other auspices are: Ragabash: new moon; Philodox: half moon; Theurge: crescent moon; and Ahroun: full moon.

Galliards are the bards of the Garou. If the Galliard's moon is waxing (on its way to full), the Garou is of a more positive bent, telling upbeat stories and singing songs of heroism and romance. If the Galliard's moon is waning (on its way to half), the Garou is of a darker nature, more prone to tell stories of sacrifice and frenzy, to sing songs of satire and of sorrow. The Galliards are responsible for the history of the Garou, and of awarding reknown (which allows Garou to rise in Rank).

The Galliard has 4 points of starting Rage.

Gal"liard (?), a. [OE., fr. F. gaillard, perh. of Celtic origin; cf. Ir. & Gael. galach valiant, or AS. gagol, geagl, wanton, lascivious.]

Gay; brisk; active.



© Webster 1913.

Gal"liard, n.

A brisk, gay man.


Selden is a galliard by himself. Cleveland.


© Webster 1913.

Gal"liard, n. [F. gaillarde, cf. Sp. gallarda. See Galliard, a.]

A gay, lively dance. Cf. Gailliarde.

Never a hall such a galliard did grace. Sir. W. Scott.


© Webster 1913.

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