A dessert, also known as "Greek custard," that can be ordered at Olympia, a greek bar and grill in St. Louis, Missouri. It comes in a pie-shaped wedge, and is made of layers of custard and flaky, honey-covered pastry. Excellent with greek coffee.

Why did I feel it was absolutely imperative that I node this information? Because this dessert is so damn good. For this reason alone, Olympia enjoyed the patronage of me and my friends all through the summer.

If you happen to be fortunate enough to visit the wonderful city of St. Louis, get yourself to this restaurant. It's on Skinker, (just after the road changes names from McCausland) between Manchester and the entrance to Highway 40, in Dogtown. Park across the street and then be daring, cross without a cross walk. (Yes. This would be considered daring. You'll have to see the street to believe me.) The prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is great, and every now and then you might see a waiter light a plate of cheese on fire (Saganaki) and join in the chorus of "Opa!"s.

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